Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Feminal Artery

Natasha just sent me a face book invite to a show she is in that opens this weekend called The Feminal Artery. So everyone get your act together and head down to the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Center This Saturday (May 8) in the afternoon to check it out.

The event features live music and performances along with visual art that showcases “a culturally diverse body of female talent” and raises funds to donate to charity. I am sure it will be most excellent and I am bummed out that I have to work all of Saturday because this would be well worth the hour long drive into the city to be able to attend.

“The purpose of the event is to give a voice to many different women, so that these women may share their talent in a way that promotes community and acceptance through the appreciation and acknowledgment of diverse forms of expression. We believe that much of Calgary's culturally specific talent is isolated to individual niches, and rarely do these isolated forms of expression have an opportunity to come together and be celebrated as part of the larger community. By showcasing talent from various ends of the cultural spectrum we hope to shed some light on talent that is often overlooked, and bring to attention the idea that we are all fundamentally human and can connect on this level.” –Pulled from the Feminal Artery website

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